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Cooperative Personnel Services Test (CPS Aptitude Test)

The CPS Test (Cooperative Personnel Services) is a multiple choice aptitude test.

There is a total of 100 questions on the test, and candidates are given a time limit of 2-hours to complete the  examination.


The CPS  is divided into 5 components (question types):

1.  Oral information passage*  – 20 questions

2.  Arithmetic / Mathematics – 20 questions

3.  Mechanical Aptitude – 20 questions

4.  Reading Comprehension – 20 questions

5.  Work relations – 20 questions


* The oral passage is typically around 5 minutes. You must memorize the material and answer the questions

The pass grade required varies for each Fire Department. Check with the Department that you are applying to.

We suggest that candidates get a minimum score of 75%.



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